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Macedonian Film Agency is the newly founded governing film body, legal successor of the Macedonian Film Fund which started to work in 2014 under the new Film Industry law.

The new Agency will continue to giving its full support to development of the film industry, film tradition and film culture in Macedonia. In the last six years, the Macedonian Film Fund made a few important structural changes in the Macedonian film industry that enabled increasing the film production, presence and international success of Macedonian cinematography and Macedonia as a country at the film festivals, film markets etc. worldwide.

Macedonian Film Agency will pursue with structural changes that Macedonian Film Fund started and with using the new law will strive for greater progress and development of Macedonian film industry.

Objective of the Agency:

· Film funding activities - support the development, production and distribution of films

· Production incentive activities - from 2014 Production Incentive Programme available to international and local filmmakers for investment in film and TV project
20% cash rebate of the gross expenditures made in Republic of Macedonia/ Minimum local spend per project: 100.000 eur.

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